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From time to time, the Friends publish a newsletter, summarising events and activities, often highlighting the lives of those buried at Woodbury, and focusing on issues relevant to the membership and to the wider community.  Below you can read each edition.

South & South East in Bloom competition results, gardening team report, words for Woodbury Park Cemetery, Rusthall's changing landscape – and more.

John Harris and his 7 children, a Cripps visit, our new Dove Tree, a Bevy of Backhouses
– and more.

The Reverend William Du Pre; also butterflies, giant teasels, memorial repairs, and other news.

The Jeffery Hale Award 2019; gardening highlights; memorial repairs (Dr John Hennen and Amy Kennett); and other news.

The Jeffery Hale Award 2018; Rich and Poor; the children's Tree Trail; our new Chair; and other news.

Celebrating Jeffery Hale; also John Waithman and his sisters; gardening and wildlife matters; and the Tree Identification Walk.

Sydney Smirke and his daughter Margaret; the Poynder Grave; gardening matters; and other news.

Spring gales; Charlotte Smoult and Anna Maria Coombs; Jan Holly's surname index; "the Chapel of St Sepulchre"; and other news.

General George Middlemore in St Helena and Tunbridge Wells; Frederick Barraud's time ball; and other news.

Commander Charles Friend RN; the Queen's Diamond Jubilee; and other news.

Jonathan and Kezia Wheatley; moths and the Tree Bumblebee; Frederick Coleman; Grayson Perry and other news.

William and Eliza Maingay; Canon Edward Hoare and his family; spring in the cemetery; monument repairs; and other news.

Caroline Archdell; memorial repairs; new notice boards - and some Grave Humour.

Cake and canapés; Woodbury in 1876; Lieutenant-General Thomas Williams; and plenty more.

Popes and Bishops; Frederick Barraud; General Middlemore and Napoleon; sad vandalism; autumn colour; and more.

Jacob Bell; the wildlife of Woodbury; Murder Most Foul; Fanny Kemp; and more.

Paradise on Earth; Robert Fowler's grave repaired; Pembury Workhouse and the creosote remedy; Annie Wraight.

Our first Green Flag Award; smaller wildlife at Woodbury; conserving our memorials; the 1987 gales; and Caroline Burgess - inventor

Spring at Woodbury and nature conservation; historical research; memorial repairs; William Hilbert; and more.

A 'dawn chorus' walk and other Woodbury events; vandalism; and other news.

Our first AGM and our constitution; the new committee; historical work - and gardening Action Days.

Our initial plans for clearance work and historical research; and a call for volunteers.

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